F.J. DeSanto

F.J. DeSanto


F.J. DeSanto is a producer, writer and creator whose recent projects include films such as THE SPIRIT, the animated TUROK: SON OF STONE, the recent documentaries GRANT MORRISON: TALKING WITH GODS and CAPTURED GHOSTS, a film about Warren Ellis. He previously worked for the Executive Producers of the BATMAN feature film franchise and has been responsible for acquiring, developing and maintaining a large slate of projects based on comic books, graphic novels, manga and anime. He is currently attached to a a feature film version of DOC SAVAGE and is developing the legendary property CYBORG 009, as a live action feature film and an original graphic novel that he will co-write with Bradley Cramp (INVERTIGO). He has written for STAR TREK manga Tokyopop, THE SPIRIT for DC Comics and a forthcoming STAR WARS project Lucasfilm. His first creator-owned series will be published by DC Comics. Mr. DeSanto is Supervising Producer of ORION, a television pilot/series in development with Syfy Channel. He lives in New York and Los Angeles depending on what day of the week it is.


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