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Chandra Free


Chandra is a freelance creator and art director. She has created a diverse array of works for guerrilla studio BLAM! Ventures, Archaia Entertainment, and a number of other indie comic book publishers.

Intensely interested in the incorporation of psychology into her art, Chandra focuses on the unconscious and human aspects of her characters. Her uniquely abstract and elongated art style is both haunting and expressive. Free’s graphic novel, The God Machine, has received praise in the independent comic market. In addition to her freelance work and creator owned properties, Chandra has provided art for licensed properties, including Planet of the Apes and Fraggle Rock. She is also the art director of the guerrilla transmedia studio BLAM! Ventures.

Free’s goals include expanding her comic book/illustrator career by branching out into other endeavors, along with pursuing her own personal projects.

In her off time, she adventures around Brooklyn and Manhattan, in search of treasures untold (truth is, it has all been told– but it’s new to her)! She’s also an expert in Venture Brothers’ lore, a retro video gamer, an indy comic enthusiast, a lover of all things cartoons, and a very infrequent participant of the ‘goth’ scene.

Chandra resides in New York with her boyfriend and fellow comics creator, Andrew E.C.Gaska, and their cat, Adrien.

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