Adam Bolton

Adam Bolton


Adam Bolton was found under a hedge outside a supermarket still wearing the price tag for locally grown broccoli. Having been shunned by the other triffids for only having two legs he was raised by humans instead. Now he tries to return the favour and as a maths tutor working with the local universities helps people who hate numbers and all they entail. Even the bits with the Greek symbols. Never one to step down from a challenge, this two legged carnivorous plant also likes to paint and draw. Having painted thousands of square feet of murals at attractions such as Blackpool Zoo and the Sea Life Centre he has recently turned his attentions towards illustration. This is his first full length book. And he intends to make another. Just as soon as he has finished rampaging around the British countryside shouting “Louie Louie, oh no! Me gotta go!”

Favourite food: kittens

Favorite colour: 8


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