A. David Lewis


Emerging from the field of comic book academia, writer A. David Lewis presents articles on the comic book medium at scholarly conferences across the country as well as in such publications as The International Journal of Comic Art for which he is a member of the Editorial Board. In 2002, Lewis debuted his own title, the dark suspense anthology Mortal Coils, which went on to be a winner of the 2003 Cinescape Literary Genre Competition. Published through his Caption Box imprint and then ASP, THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS, Lewis’s 2005 graphic novel with mpMann, won the Howard E. Day Prize and was nominated for three Harvey Awards.

His second Archaia title, SOME NEW KIND OF SLAUGHTER, has been hailed by ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY as “a new, modern myth for our environmentally challenged times.” Currently, Lewis is completing his Ph.D. at Boston University while both teaching undergraduates and co-editing the GRAVEN IMAGES: RELIGION IN COMIC BOOKS & GRAPHIC NOVELS essay collection from Continuum International Publishing.



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