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On Saturday, June 25, from 12-3 p.m., Archaha and The Jim Henson Company will celebrate the comic book debut of The Skrumps, a new, family-friendly property created by John Chandler. The celebration will take place at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, CA.

The Skrumps are a uniquely colorful troupe of hilarious characters that live in the imaginary world of Skrumpland. In their comic book debut, the Mooch finds that his mooching ways might not make him as cool as he thought he was, and he gets rejected by all the Skrumps. So, he decides to start giving back by adopting an unusual pet in need of a home. But he’s in way over his head as he realizes this is maybe too much for a Skrump like him to handle!

John Chandler will be on hand to autograph copies of the comic, plus provide free sketches! There will also be great prizes, such as Skrumps vinyl toys! Click on the flyer to the right for more information. We hope you can join us!