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Ain’t It Cool News Talks with ‘Iron’ Creator S.M. Vidaurri

Majin Fu of Ain’t It Cool News recently interviewed S.M. Vidaurri, creator of Iron: Or, the War After, regarding everything from his concept for the story to the significance of his character designs. Here’s an excerpt from the interview about the birth of characters James and Pavel:

“IRON was something I had been fiddling around in my sketchbook with for a long time. I didn’t have any real story ideas yet, but drawings of crow and rabbit people kept popping up. I get into these stretches where I draw something over and over. Usually it is a good indication that I could do something with it. A graphic novel is long; you need to enjoy drawing these characters again and again. I still draw Pavel and James Hardin in my sketchbooks, and I think I always will.”

The rest of the interview can be found on here. Iron: Or, the War After is now available at your local comic shop!