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The finale to the Season One episodic campaign of CRIMECRAFT: BLEEDOUT is here! Episode 10 will be released this Saturday, March 5 at 7:00 p.m. EST (Midnight GMT / Server Time).

In the continuing content expansion to the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Shooter, CrimeCraft, players will experience The New Age of Ruin through 10 consecutive weekly episodes featuring story content from a lineup of comic book industry superstars.

Episode 10: Machtpolitik

In the game of Power Politics, perception is the greatest weapon. If your enemy believes you are stronger, then you truly are. As the Thumbcuff Accord expires, Sunrise City teeters towards total warfare between two criminal empires, each claiming to be the more mighty. But the true victor might rise to power from the gap in between…

This final episode of Season One has the Player chasing down a lost WMD set to destroy Sunrise City in a cleansing flash of nuclear fire. The expiration clock ticks down towards a new Dawn, one that will introduce a significant shift in power, a war between criminal titans, and possibly the next step in human evolution. This dramatic conclusion will lead directly into the next Campaign, and set up events and realities that will change the very nature of the Player’s world.

Preview the 10th and final Season One episode of CrimeCraft: Bleedout with this latest teaser trailer. Episode 10: Macht Politik features an original story by Mike Kennedy (Star Wars, Superman, Alien vs. Predator) and the art of Trevor Hairsine (Judge Dredd, Captain America, Ultimate Six).

In April 2011, Archaia Black Label and Vogster Entertainment will publish an original graphic novel hardcover based on BLEEDOUT, written by Kennedy and collecting short stories drawn by Hairsine and other top talents in the comic book industry, including Ben Templesmith, Tim Bradstreet, Glenn Fabry and Nathan Fox. Pre-order the book now at your local comics shop or wherever books are sold!

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BLEEDOUT Episode 10 Trailer